College, Career, & Christ (C³) is a ministry of River Oaks Community Church aimed toward encouraging and equipping our college and career-aged young adults in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  represents that Christ is not merely an addition to our life, but the Factor Who defines our life.

The mission of  is to glorify God by making disciples who will delight in Christ in all of life. True discipleship is not merely about doing,but rather about “being” – being the man or woman of God whom Christ died for and has saved you to be (Matthew 5:2-12). Thus, we appeal not to programs or ideals but rather to the Gospel of Jesus Christ being worked into our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The transition into the college or career season of life can be extremely challenging. Our hope in  is to encourage contentment in Christ during this special time of life, recognizing that there are no insignificant moments but only opportunities to become more like Christ. Thus, our ambition is to be content by finding our deepest satisfaction in Christ, but at the same time being eagerly ready to follow our LORD as He may lead.

Our desire is to see both generational and inter-generational relationships formed and forged. God’s Word provides the basis for our study, worship, prayer, fellowship and recreation. God’s Spirit is petitioned to be the LORD of our hearts and time.  is not meant to be a replacement for church nor small group. On the contrary,  participants will be encouraged to faithfully commit to the church and a small group, as we affirm Christ demonstrated His own love by dying for the Church (Ephesians 5:25).

meets 2-3 times per month on Saturday or Sunday nights.  Check the church calendar for our next meeting time, or contact us – we are eager to meet you!

Please contact:
Bob or Jill Pair at 865-681-8460 or

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