Have You Been Set Free From Shame?

A sermon by Mike Wilkerson that talks about God’s redeeming work in our lives, which frees us from shame.

From the Resurgence Website:

Mike Wilkerson is the author of Redemption, a Resurgence book about being freed by Jesus from the idols we worship and the wounds we carry. He also teaches alongside the book for Redemption Groups, and this video is a taken from one of his sessions. In it, he explores the Israelites’ crossing of the Red Sea and how that prefigures Christ’s victory over sin and all of its effects—including shame. In Christ, we are healed, made new creations, and given a new name—free from shame. You can watch more examples of Redemption sessions here.


Crossing the Red Sea Into a New Life Without Shame from Mars Hill Church | Ballard on Vimeo.

Doing Missions When Dying is Gain

This is a message taught by John Piper about the relationship between missions and suffering and the hope that believers have in Christ.


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Preaching a Christ to Whom We Can Come

This is a message  taught by Colin Smith dealing with how to preach Christ in our messages.  If you walk away from a sermon asking more what you have to do than what Jesus has done, a Christ to whom we can come has not been preached.

This sermon was pulled from the Gospel Coalition Website.


Is Your Church a Safe Place for Sad People?

This is a message taught by Nancy Guthrie.  It deals with how we shepherd the hearts of those who are struggling with grief and sadness.

This message is pulled from the Gospel Coalition’s Website.


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