Reminder: 2nd Service Starts at 11:00am This Week!

Reminder: 2nd Service Starts at 11:00am This Week!

To better serve our members and visitors during transition between services, second service Worship and Sunday School classes will now begin at 11:00am starting June 4 (this week).  Our start time for the first service Worship and Sunday School will remain at 9:00am.  If you have any questions about the time change, feel free to call the church office at 865-980-9088.  Thank you and see you on Sunday!

Register Now for the 2017 ROCC Women’s Retreat

Register Now for the 2017 ROCC Women’s Retreat

Ladies of River Oaks, you are invited to join us for our 2017 Women’s Retreat, April 28-30 at Camp Montvale. This year’s theme is “Living in Light of the Gospel”, and we will discuss how the gospel empowers and compels us to Declare, Disciple, and Demonstrate.   To get signed up, please fill out the registration packet that is attached and turn it in by April 23.  *Also, please not that there is a discount if your packet is turned in by April 9.

Click Here to download the registration packet! 

Camp Montvale – Harmony Family Services
4901 Montvale Road Maryville, TN 37803

The cost for the retreat is $95, with a $10 discount if fees and forms are submitted by April 9.
If needed, you can request scholarship funds when you register.

Check-in begins at 5:00 on Friday, with the 1st session beginning at 6:30.
We won’t serve dinner on Friday, so please bring a snack or drink to share later.
We will depart on Sunday (about noon), following worship & brunch.

New this year:
You can tent camp – IF you have all your own equipment and are
able to completely set up on Thursday evening before the Retreat.

The deadline to register is Sunday, April 23rd.  Please sign up ASAP, so that we can reserve your spot and so that you get the best price!

Contact Metry Hutchison,, or Nancy Kissell,

Register for the 2016 ROCC Women’s Retreat Today!

Register for the 2016 ROCC Women’s Retreat Today!

Ladies of River Oaks, you are invited to join us for our Women’s Retreat, April 22-24!
Join us as we spend time together with our great God, the One who is worthy!

You can download registration materials here.  Remember that if you register by this Sunday, April 3, you will receive a 10% discount!


It’s a new chapter for the ROCC Women’s Retreat…

We’ll be at a new location!
Montvale Camp – Harmony Family Services
4901 Montvale Road   Maryville, TN  37803

The cost is reduced this year!
Cost is $95, with a 10% discount if fees and forms are submitted by April 3.

We’ll start later on Friday and stay longer on Sunday!
Check-in will begin at 5:30pm on Friday, April 22, with our first session beginning at 6:45pm.  We won’t serve dinner on Friday; bring a snack or drink to share later.  On Sunday, April 24, we’ll stay longer, enjoying worship time and brunch before departing about noon.  (ROCC leadership has pledged to handle all responsibilities at church, and we will be having only 1 service at ROCC, that morning.) We won’t need to carpool since there’s plenty of parking at Montvale. But, if you need a ride, we’ll help you find one!

Some things will stay the same!
Worship, laughing, small group discussions, eating, studying His word, bonfires, more laughing, praying, more eating, quiet time, and even time for a nap will be included again!  Scholarship funds will be available.  If you need financial assistance, there’s a place on the application to share that.  We’ll follow up with you privately. Special diet requests will be considered. Share your requests on the application and we’ll follow up with you.  Nursing moms and babies are important to us– but accommodating them this year will be challenging.  Check the box on the application so we can talk to you about this.

We’ll return to some old priorities!
With expanded space and dining room, we won’t have to double-schedule meals and activities.  This means a return to a slower pace, leaving Saturday afternoon free for you to choose from a variety of leisure activities, including doing nothing at all!

Please submit all registration forms and fees by April 17.
If you cancel before April 17, we can refund all fees. Partial refunds will be paid if requested after that.

Contact Metry Hutchison,, or Nancy Kissell,

Get Your Tickets Today: Slugs and Bugs Concert @ River Oaks

Get Your Tickets Today: Slugs and Bugs Concert @ River Oaks

Please join us on Friday, March 4, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, in the sanctuary for Slugs & Bugs LIVE.   Slugs & Bugs LIVE is a one-of-a-kind family event for parents and kids to experience together. Randall Goodgame leads the approximately 45 minute performance with live music, background musical tracks and brightly colored animated videos that extend through most of the songs.  The concert is peppered with fun, interactive moments for the whole family. Kids spin around, parents get silly on stage, sometimes there’s a parade! Randall leaves both kids and parents with laughter in their hearts and a deepening awareness of the presence of Jesus in their lives!  Cost is $5 per ticket or $25 max per family unit. Tickets are limited, so it’s first come, first serve.

Order your tickets now at

Building Update: February, 2016

Building Update: February, 2016

Renovations are continuing to be made on the church building.   The floors have recently been refinished in the hallway and they look beautiful.  Here are a list of the other projects that are ongoing or ready to be started.

 Projects that are currently underway:

  • Finish the hallway with baseboards and trim, touch up paint, spruce up doors and frames
  • Design and install sanctuary lighting and light covers
  • Continue upgrades to the room across from Kat’s office, which will be Lindsey Meals’ office and a work area

Projects that are next in line:

  • Art Cash’s new office, including paint, walls, furnishings, windows and blinds
  • Main women’s restroom on first floor – creating a new entryway, upgrading floors & ceiling, vanity and mirrors, adding changing area
  • Flooring and paint in Kat’s office
  • Flooring in balcony

BIG PROJECT – windows
Thanks to several donations to the Building Fund, we’ll be replacing our old windows starting in the back education building. Eventually, we’ll move to the remaining first floor offices, and eventually the sanctuary.

Help is still needed!
Almost every day, there’s someone in the building, volunteering their time to work on projects.  Scott Hendrickson, Jeff Hutchison and Rich Kissell have been in the basement checking out furnaces and on the roof checking out downspouts and everywhere in between.  And, you never know where or when you’ll see me with a paint brush in hand.  In a building of this size and age, there’s always something…   So, if you have some time and can tighten a faucet, install some baseboard, paint some walls, change some lightbulbs, or just clean out closets, let me know and I’ll find a project and a time for you.


Thank you for your ongoing support,
Nancy Kissell

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