Beloved Church Family,

During this unique cultural moment, the elders and I have been carefully monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). We have sifted through the governmental, medical, and church-related information available at both the local and national levels.

We are basing our plan for tomorrow morning (Sunday, 3/15) on multiple factors including the recommendations of the Trump Administration, the CDC, Governor Lee, as well as our local government and other area churches. Many local churches are still meeting tomorrow morning and some are live streaming. We believe that we have settled on a plan that is practically wise, honors our government, and glorifies God.

After much prayer and consideration, here is the plan for the morning:

1) We will maintain our full schedule. Both first and second service will go forward as well as all Sunday School classes for both children and adults. Please come with hearts prepared to worship our glorious King in freedom and joy! Our God is exalted above all blessing and praise and He alone rules both heaven and earth. Let’s allow tomorrow to be a full expression of our confidence in Him!

2) Live streaming will be offered during both services. If you are concerned about gathering in person, if you fall into a vulnerable category based on age, or if your immune system may be compromised, consider using the livestream option from home. Regardless of vulnerability, if you or any of your children are exhibiting any signs of sickness, please utilize the livestream option instead of coming to church. We want to love one another well during this time.

3) Several steps to minimize risk will be implemented.  We have completed additional sanitization of all public areas this week. Also, extra tissues, and hand sanitizer will be available. In order to limit physical contact as much as is reasonable, we will not pass the offering bags or friendship pads during offering. Please refrain from shaking hands or hugging as much as possible. The security team, greeters, staff, elders, and others will seek to hold doors open in order to minimize unnecessary touches. Door handles and other surfaces will be wiped off throughout the morning and we will sanitize the sanctuary between services. In order to help us do this efficiently, please move your conversations outside as soon as church ends.

Here is other helpful information:

*This is the link to go to the church’s youtube page for live stream.  The link will direct you to to our page. The live stream option will become available about 5 minutes before the service begins. Just click on that option when it becomes available.

*You can place your offering in the offering box mounted on the back wall of the sanctuary near the double doors. The box will be wiped down multiple times.

*You may also give electronically through easy tithe. It is very simple to do so.
*This is the link for easy tithe.
*Here is a tutorial about how to use easytithe.

The coronavirus outbreak is a developing situation so we will continue to monitor the details and make adjustments as necessary each week. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to love one another well, to demonstrate kindness and thoughtfulness to our neighbors, and to radiate our joyful trust and confidence in the greatness of the glorious God we all serve.

Your servant in Christ Jesus on behalf of the elders,

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